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  • My 2018 Travels (In Photos)

    No captions -- just the name of the city and photos I took there in 2018

  • My 2018 Travels (In Data)

    Data from my travels in 2018

  • Toronto

    I spent the first weekend of December in the diverse Canadian city of Toronto.

  • Flight Hacking

    I’ve somewhat recently become very fascinated in “Travel Hacking,” specifically dirt cheap flights, like an $18/leg round-trip New Orleans flight I took.

  • Compound Intelligence

    Looking back at history, many of the most intelligent and successful people all shared one common trait - they knew many things.

  • Most Common (well-meaning) A11y Mistakes

    Whenever I look over a website for Web Accessibility (a11y) issues, there are a few a11y mistakes that I see repeated many times.

  • How I’m Reading More

    This past month I’ve been trying to read more, however, as wise Jedi Master Yoda says: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

  • Genesis

    Rising from the ashes of the blogs that never-were, comes this one. I’ve been meaning to create a blog for what feels like eons, and I’ve finally done it.