Laken Hafner


I’m Laken Hafner, a web developer in sunny Orlando, Florida. I build websites and other things, using LAMP/LEMP usually. I currently work for a web agency in the Orlando-area, called Web Solutions of America.

What I do

When I’m not working, I’m contributing to various pieces of Free (as in Freedom) software. You could probably argue that’s also work, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

One of the primary Free software projects I contribute to is WordPress. My focus on WordPress tickets are accessibility and privacy issues.

I’m very passionate about Web Accessibility (a11y). It’s very little additional work for web developers and designers, but it has such a profound impact on not only people with disabilities, but also “normal” users.

I usually have multiple projects going on at once. If I finish one, you’ll find it on the Projects page.

When I’m away from the keyboard, I enjoy reading novels and daydreaming ridiculous amounts of new projects that cause me to abandon my current ones.

Contact Me

If you ever need to get in touch with me, I have contact information in the sidebar. Email is by far the best method of contact, but I’m responsive to other means of communication too.