Me on a trip to Bogotá, D.C., Colombia

I’m Laken Hafner, a web developer in sunny Orlando, Florida. I program all kinds of different things in different technologies and languages, and work in the tourism sector. I’m employed at Hilton Grand Vacations.

What I do

I consider myself an all-around hacker, so many of my interests and hobbies involve that.

Free Software

I love contributing to Free (as in Freedom) Software. One of the primary Free software projects I contribute to is WordPress. My focus on WordPress tickets are accessibility and privacy issues.

I’m a huge proponent of online privacy and Freedom. I try and make sure all the code I write in my personal time is ethical. I don’t like using web analytics, I license most things as GNU GPL, and I minimize data collected. I’m currently a mantainer for the core privacy component of WordPress core, where I try and ensure that WordPress core (and by extension, 30% of the internet) stays true to my code of ethics.

I’m also quite passionate about Web Accessibility (a11y). It’s very little additional work for web developers and designers, but it has such a profound impact on not only people with disabilities, but also “normal” users.


I’ve somewhat recently taken up the hobby of travel, after discovering “Travel Hacking,” especially when it involves airfare. I love aviation, and once I learned how to fly across the country for <$20, I fell in love with traveling in general.


I love to read, though I’ve fallen really behind on my book backlog. Reading is such an amazing hobby, as I can feel how much it opens my mind. It’s hard for me to pull myself into a book now, espeically with how many distractions are available. If you have any book recommendations, please feel free to drop me a line with them!

Contact Me

I’m most responsive via email.