The Eternal Seasons of Colombia

I just returned from my quick 4-day trip to the beautiful beach city of Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia. This was my second trip to the stunning country of Colombia, and my third city (I previously have visited both Bogotá and Medellín.) Furthermore, it was also the third distinct climate I experienced in Colombia.

Cartagena was HOT, and I’m a native Floridian. It felt like July in Miami (but without the daily storms) the entire time I was there, and it stays that way all year. Colombia is a mid-latitude country, as its quite close to the equator, so the weather is very consistent year-round.

In Cartagena, jeans are really hot!

I went to Medellín several months ago as well, and it had perfect Spring weather every day. Medellín is known in Colombia as “The City of Eternal Spring.” It never got above 80F during the day, and at night would drop to the high 60Fs low 70Fs. There was no need for AC as the temperature outside was always perfect — most buildings just had holes in them to let the air in.

Note the attire of my fellow travelers on this walking tour — the warm (but not too warm!) weather allowed many options for clothing, as it was hard to dress too warm or too hot!

Bogotá had similar weather, though slightly colder. Everyday, you needed a light hoodie, but you could take it off around noon or so. It was, in my eyes, the most perfect weather in the world.

Bogotá — note the sweater and jeans being the perfect attire.