Rising from the ashes of the blogs that never-were, comes this one. I’ve been meaning to create a blog for what feels like eons, and I’ve finally done it. The delay wasn’t because I wasn’t able too, as I make WordPress-based blogs very often at work; the delay was caused by the fact that I can make blogs, and very good blogs (if I say so myself), and so I bit off more than I could chew each attempt at creating a blog. Once I acquired this lovely domain, I created a fool-proof plan to¬†actually make a blog. It looked something like this:

  1. Point Domain at Server
  2. Build a super simple HTML site, with a link going to a blog page that 404s (to motivate me to fix the link)
  3. Turn the super simple HTML into a super simple WordPress Template
  4. Create blog post(s)

However, each step had problems… Let’s go over the steps again, but with what actually happened:

  1. Set up a new VPS, with a new stack that I’ve never used before, because why not? (I managed to talk myself out of this one, destroyed the new VPS I provisioned, and instead pointed the domain at a server I already had)
  2. Build a somewhat-simple HTML site
  3. Turn the somewhat-simple HTML site into a hacked together WordPress template, because I’d rather spend times on pointless features (like the Goodreads integration on the sidebar), than important features. (Before this, I actually started working on making my own CMS/Blogging Platform, luckily I stopped myself there too)
  4. Create this blog post.

I’m here now, with a blog and a blog-post, and that’s all that matters.