Thanks American Express!

On March 1st, the Korean group BTS’ tickets went on sale on Ticketmaster. My girlfriend is a huge fan of BTS, so I had to get some for her. As soon as the time hit 10AM, the site crashed. No tickets available via web anymore.

I did however try calling American Express’ Platinum Concierge line, and they picked up, and within 10 minutes got me 2 floor tickets for the show which was already showing as sold out.

Apparently, American Express can (and will) wait for a ticket sale and attempt to buy for you on your behalf via all channels possible. Due to the site crashing, my phone agent was unable to purchase for me, though she was able to transfer me to someone else in her office who was on the phone with Ticketmaster directly, and let me purchase.

This cherry on top of the amazing features of the American Express Platinum is what reminded me about why I love American Express so much. My flights to NYC (where the concert is) were covered for free due to airline miles earned with the Platinum card. I have free food & drinks in the airport (thanks to the Platinum card’s Lounge Pass benefit) and on the plane (thanks to the Platinum card’s airline incidental credit.) I’m staying in a discounted (now sold out!) hotel, thanks to the Platinum card’s automatic Hilton Gold status. I have a free Uber to my hotel too, thanks to the Platinum card’s monthly Uber credit.

This post isn’t an Ad for AMEX, I just really really love this card. I’d appreciate it though if you used my referral link if you’re interested in checking this card out! You won’t regret it!!!

P.S. The card is SOLID METAL!!!